Landlord calls on city to help woman who lived next door in Monday's police shootout

John Thompson • Sep 18, 2019 at 8:26 PM

ELIZABETHTON — The owner of an Elizabethton bed and breakfast said the city should provide counseling for one of his tenants because she is still shaking and trembling two days after a shootout between police officers and a Johnson City man around 2 a.m. Monday.

Frank Shepherd, 70, proprietor of the Doe River Inn, 217 Academy St., said there were around 30 bullet holes in the small apartment addition on the south side of the house. The bullets were from a shootout in which Jeffrey Michael Gibble was killed after two police officers tried to question him about what he might have been doing in the 700 block of East Elk Avenue a few minutes earlier.

The officers told agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation that Gibble pulled a gun and fired at one of the officers.

Shepherd said the apartment had about 30 bullet holes. Neighbors also described numerous shots fired. One man said “I heard several shots, followed by a whole bunch more.”

Shepherd said there were many bullet holes in the walls, including the kitchen. He said there was also one found in the couch and the stairwell where his tenant would have come down from her bedroom if she had risen to see what was going on right outside the residence. “She could have been killed if she had used those stairs,’’ Shepherd said.

“She is not well, she is very nervous about it,” Shepherd said of his 65-year-old tenant. “I think the city could provide her with some counseling to help her get over this.”

Shepherd said a TBI agent looked at the damage to the apartment on Monday morning, while investigating the rest of the incident scene. Shepherd said he built the apartment to resemble a carriage house and blend in with the rest of the architecture of the house.