Seniors should strive for a bingo in health during Active Aging Week and beyond

Jessica Fuller • Sep 24, 2017 at 5:56 PM

Sometimes, bingo and trivia are the way to go. 

Active Aging Week kicks off this week, and Senior Services at the Memorial Park Community Center will be turning Active Aging Week into a game of bingo for members of the senior center. Members can pick up a bingo card from the center on Monday. Each card is sectioned off with different activities throughout the week for members to try and strike a bingo for a prize at the end of the week. 

Senior Services Manager Deb Fogle said this is the first year that the center has done a game for Active Aging Week, but said she hoped the bingo game would help members try out some new activities, find a new hobby or even make some new friends. 

“Those people who are more active are typically healthier, and sometimes chronic diseases can be related to inactivity,” Fogle said. “The more we can do that and the more we can keep folks moving — not only physically, but their brains, too — the more their quality of life improves.”

There are several different layouts of the cards, so two people may have to do different activities to get bingo. Things like yoga, writing workshops and hiking are just a few of the activities offered on the cards for seniors to try to get a bingo. 

Meanwhile, seniors at Jonesborough’s Senior Center are gearing up to defend their title as the state champions of the Brain Games. A team of three seniors — the Old Towners — will face off against other teams from throughout the state next month in a “Jeopardy!”-style trivia game that the team prepares for year-round. While only a few members get to participate in the games, there are dozens more who will be at the McKinney Center to cheer on their team on Oct. 19. 

While the Joensborough Senior Center isn’t having any special events for Active Aging Week, Director Mary Sanger said the center has a myriad of different activities throughout the week — and the year — to keep seniors engaged physically, mentally and socially. 

“I would really say we have Active Aging Week every week because we really look at our programing to be that way all the time,” Sanger said.

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