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ETSU Financial Aid encourages students to file FAFSA, launches new info services

Contributed • Oct 4, 2019 at 4:23 PM

East Tennessee State University’s Office of Financial Aid encourages students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid for the 2020-21 academic year, and announces two new online services recently launched to assist current and prospective students of the university – a Chatbot named “Bucky” and Financial Aid TV.

The filing period for the application for 2020-21 opened Oct. 1. It is students’ application for all federal financial aid, as well as the starting point for many state and school aid programs. Many funding opportunities, including the HOPE (Lottery) Scholarship, are not available to students without a completed application.

All new and returning students interested in federal and other financial aid must submit a FAFSA online at fafsa.gov. The completed FAFSA must be directed to ETSU; filers will be prompted to enter the school code near the end of the application, and ETSU’s school code is 003487.

While completing the application and navigating the financial aid process, students and parents are invited to take advantage of the ETSU Office of Financial Aid’s new communication tools that provide answers to many common questions.

The Chatbot, a computer program that conducts a conversation using text, photos and videos, is a tool that quickly answers hundreds of questions that are frequently asked by students. Named after ETSU’s mascot, “Bucky,” it provides real-time support to the university’s current student body, as well as prospective students and their parents and guardians who have questions about financial aid.

“Bucky” is located on all ETSU Financial Aid web pages, including the office’s homepage, www.etsu.edu/finaid.

Financial Aid TV is home to hundreds of short and helpful videos that answer a range of commonly asked questions, such as “What is the FAFSA?” and “What is the Cost of Attendance?”

These videos are located throughout the ETSU Financial Aid web pages and a complete listing can be found at www.etsu.edu/finaid/fatv.php.

“In our fast-paced world, both of these resources are fantastic tools for our current students, as well as for those who are considering enrolling at East Tennessee State University,” said Catherine Morgan, director of Financial Aid at ETSU. “The Chatbot and Financial Aid TV are aimed at improving the university experience at ETSU.”

For more information on the application, contact the ETSU Office of Financial Aid at 423-439-4300 or finaid@etsu.edu. Students and parents may also receive ETSU Financial Aid announcements and news on social media, including Facebook (facebook.com/etsufinaid), Twitter (@ETSU_FinAid) and Instagram (@etsufinaid).