Two Sullivan County men charged with Carter County kidnapping, robbery

John Thompson • Updated Jul 31, 2019 at 7:03 PM

A cellphone helped the Carter County Sheriff’s Department make two arrests Tuesday of Sullivan County men wanted on kidnapping, robbery and assault charges on Horseshoe Drive a few hours earlier, officers said.

The two men who were arrested, Shyne McCoy Harmon, 20, and Chris Shawn Harmon, 25, both of 322 Kim Drive, Kingsport, were both arraigned in Carter County Sessions Court on Wednesday morning after they had been picked up in Kingsport on Tuesday evening.

Each was arraigned on charges of robbery with a firearm, aggravated assault and two counts of aggravated kidnapping. Each was scheduled to be back in court Aug. 13 with an attorney.

The charges resulted from an incident on Horseshoe Drive on Tuesday morning. Carter County deputies responded to a call about a burglary in progress. They spoke with two people, who said two men had forced their way into the residence through a glass door in the kitchen, which was broken. The callers said both men were wearing black masks.

The callers told the deputies the two men held them at gunpoint and forced them to open a safe at the home. The two said the men took $3,000 in cash and a firearm from the safe.

Both of the callers were reportedly tied up, but one of them worked his hand loose and called a friend on his cellphone to let him know what was going on.

The man who received the call said he was already on his way to the residence with two other men. As he arrived, he said, he saw a black BMW parked in the road in front of the residence and noticed the engine was running. He reached into the vehicle and took the ignition key and a cellphone. The three then went into the residence, where they saw two men in black masks.

One of the masked men ran out the back into the woods while the other ran toward the BMW. The three men who had just arrived ran after the man who was heading for the BMW.

When the masked man realized the keys were no longer in the ignition, he reportedly pointed his gun at one of his pursuers and threatened to shoot if he was not given the ignition key.

One of the pursuers said the masked man shot at him. The man then gave him the keys, and the masked man started the car and drove off.

The cellphone that had been taken from the BMW was given to the deputies. After obtaining a search warrant, the deputies determined the cell phone may have been owned by a someone named Chris. One of the last messages was to someone called Shyne.

Sgt. Travis Ludlow told the deputies that he remembered working a similar incident in 2016, when he was assigned as a criminal investigator. Ludlow produced an incident report from the 2016 case. The suspects were listed as Shyne McCoy Harmon and Chris Harmon.

Acting on this information, the officers determined that Chris and Shyne Harmon had a listed residence of 322 Kin Drive in Sullivan County.

Investigator Josh Hopkins drove to that address and reported that a black BMW was parked there. Capt. Mike Little also found photos in the cell phone that showed a black BMW with body damage and license plate numbers that were the same as the parked BMW. The license number was registered to a Dodge Durango owned by Chris Harmon, 322 Kin Drive.