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Feds: Sen. Steve Dickerson, pain clinics defrauded taxpayers out of $50M, using 'liquid gold' urine tests

Brett Kelman, Nashville Tennessean • Jul 22, 2019 at 2:18 PM

Federal prosecutors have sued Nashville Sen. Steve Dickerson and several Tennessee doctors on allegations they defrauded the government and taxpayers out of $50 million as owners of one of the largest pain management chains in the nation.

The lawsuit, filed Monday, accuses Comprehensive Pain Specialists, or CPS, of submitting “thousands of false claims to federal and state funded health care programs.” Many of the fraud allegations stem from billing the government for urine sample drug testing that was unnecessary and overpriced.

“This testing was commonly referred to as 'liquid gold' — leaving no doubt that profit was Defendants’ primary objective in performing urine drug testing,” the lawsuit states.

The company is also accused of forging documents and “upcoding” billing records sent to Medicare and Medicaid to artificially inflate profits. All of the allegations are civil. Prosecutors have not revealed any plan to pursue criminal charges.

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