Pets of the Week

Jared Bentley • Updated May 2, 2019 at 4:09 PM

Visiting the shelter has the tendency to change your day, sometime for the better, and often in the other direction. Seeing animals in need, in distress, or in general disarray can make your afternoon somewhat less than enjoyable.

While it is always a treat to visit with dogs and cats, who simply (always and without question) want attention and love, it is also a sad fact that many will not experience or receive the love and attention they so richly deserve. It is especially sad to see the abandoned pets who have obviously led lives full of pain and neglect.

That’s why it is SO IMPORTANT for people like you - yes, you - to visit your local shelter and spend time with a dog or cat who will appreciate it more than you will ever know. What may be a small gesture on your part could mean the world to a dog who has no visitors or contact over periods of days, or even weeks, other than the required walks and feeding schedules. One afternoon spent with a cat could be the only time he or she is held or removed from their small cubicle, and could be the only love they are able to feel.

Visit your shelter. Do your part. And feel better about yourself for doing it.

This week’s Pets of the Week are:

• Mohawk and Slate are eight-week-old brothers who really enjoy spending time together —and would love to continue to do so at your house. These two domestic short hairs (Mohawk is black and white, Slate is a gray and white Tabby) are both very handsome, outgoing, sweet, and playful, and each has his own lovable personality quirks. Slate can be a little spacey sometimes, and enjoys a goos laugh or two, and Mohawk is fearless, letting nothing faze him as he navigates the day. Take them both home and allow them to share the love in your home.

• Dexter is an adorable, young adult male Beagle mix. He is brown and white, and very clean, and he loves other dogs and animals. He also loves kids, and enjoys playing and running and spreading the love. He still needs some training, but he is sweet and attentive, and willing to do just about anything you ask - he just needs a good home to allow him to grow. He could very well be the best thing to ever happen to you - you just have to give him a shot.

• Sugar is a beautiful, white and gray domestic short hair. She is an adult, and has learned how to behave, play, and love over they years. Very open, friendly, and sweet, Sugar would be an amazing companion for anyone, of any age - and would make the perfect addition to any family or situation. She loves being held, and enjoys a good toy every now and then.

On every trip to the shelter, I see a dog or cat who seems way too sweet to be able to adjust to any time behind bars. This week, it was Sweetie, who earns her name. A very sweet, very loving, adult, female Terrier mix, she is in need of a good home, and soon. Her thick, black coat could be beautiful if cared for, and her personality is already shining through. She wants to be outgoing, but is hesitant to trust at this point, and the noise of the other dogs seems to haver her a little off-kilter. Please, someone pay her a visit —that might be all it takes for you to fall in love.

You can visit the Washington County/Johnson City Animal Shelter at 3411 N. Roan St., or visit online at wcjcanimalshelter.org. You can also call at 423-926-8769.

Other local shelters:

Elizabethton/Carter County Animal Shelter

135 Sycamore Shoals Road, Elizabethton


Unicoi County Animal Shelter

185 N. Industrial Drive, Erwin

Phone: 423-743-3071

Bridge Home No Kill Animal Rescue

2061 Tenn. Highway 75, Blountville


Kingsport Animal Shelter

2141 Idle Hour Road


Sullivan County Animal Shelter  

380 Massengill Road, Blountville