Adopt till you drop at the Washington County Animal Shelter this weekend

Jessica Fuller • Updated Nov 20, 2018 at 9:36 PM

If you’re looking to dodge shopping crowds this weekend, stop by the Washington County/Johnson City Animal Shelter to give a cat a home.

The shelter’s Adopt ‘til You Drop event is designed to find homes for the plethora of cats crowding the shelter. Along with extended hours on Saturday, the shelter will send adopters home with gift baskets for their new feline friends, and each adopter will be entered to win a cat-themed gift basket.

Adoption fees for the event are pay-what-you can with a minimum of $10 for cats. The adoption still comes with vaccinations, a microchip and spay/neuter.

“If someone can pay more (than $10), it pays it forward to the other cats that haven’t found a home yet,” Davis said.

The shelter’s cat condos are still at capacity, with additional cages occupying the middle of the condo rooms. Davis said while kitten season has slowed down some, she believes that the warmer temperatures in October and November have contributed to the continued surge of cats taken into the shelter. There are still cages in the back rooms of the shelter acting as a nursery for kittens who are too young to be adopted.

She estimated that the shelter is currently housing about 300 cats and kittens. As kitten season slows down, Davis said she is hoping to find homes for the adult cats who tend to have a longer stay at the shelter.

“Typically in the summer, people come in and want to adopt the kittens really quickly, but we have a lot of sweet, loving adult cats who need to find homes too,” Davis said. “This is a giving season, and we just want people to think about the animals too.”

Despite the shelter scraping by capacity all summer, Davis said she has not had to resort to euthanasia for space. She is asking community members who know they will be bringing in an animal to make an appointment in advance, or those with young kittens to foster the kittens until they’re old enough to be adopted.

“Our next step that we are going to take as a shelter in order to stay in line with other shelters in large cities is that we want to go to managed admission, where we’re asking people if they’re moving or they know they’re going to have to turn in an animal to us, that they’ll make an appointment so that we can kind of anticipate and have a plan for when that animal is coming in,” Davis said.

For those unable to adopt, the shelter has a wishlist on Amazon.com for supplies. The most urgent supplies for the shelter are cat and kitten food, both wet and dry, and non-clumping cat litter.

Cat/kitten item wish list
• Dry cat food (Purina One, Cat Chow Naturals, Cat Chow Gentle)
• Kitten food (Purina One, Iams, Science Diet) 
• Canned cat/kitten food
• cat toys 
• cat treats
• non-clumping cat litter 


Item donations can be dropped off during regular shelter hours, 1-6 p.m., six days a week. The shelter is closed on Wednesdays.

Adopt ‘til You Drop will be on Saturday from 4-9 p.m.

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