Abandoned French Bulldog puppy being treated; owner sought

Becky Campbell • Aug 17, 2018 at 6:29 PM

Early Wednesday morning, Bobbi Elbers’ son saw what he thought was a baby pig walking alongside Carroll Creek Road, but when he stopped to check on the animal he discovered it was a puppy in pretty bad shape.

Elbers, who owns and operates Park Your Paws, took the puppy to Blue Ridge Animal Hospital, the veterinary office attached to the boarding facility, to get him checked out. 

The pup, approximately five months old, weighed nine pounds and had multiple health issues — including ear infections, eye infections, an upper respiratory infection, worms and a mange that left him nearly hairless.

Because of his current hairless condition, Elbers has named the pup Yoda.

“He’s had this skin condition for a while to be completely hairless,” she said. “He’s thin, but he’s not skin and bones.”

Washington County/Johnson City Animal Control Officer Wayne Thomas said he will be trying to find out where the dog came from and hopes the public can help.

“Maybe somebody knows who dropped it out on the roadside to die,” Thomas said. “Any help would be greatly appreciated to find the owner of this little dog.”

Elbers said Yoda, which appears to be a full-blooded French Bulldog, isn’t contagious and has a good disposition.

“He’s not contagious, but his skin is hot because it’s so inflamed,” she said. “He’s sweet as he can be and very playful when he feels good.”

Elbers said Yoda now has his very own Instagram page — Yoda.DaFrenchie — so everyone can follow his healing journey. 

Washington County/Johnson City Animal Shelter Director Tammy Davis said there will be an investigation in an attempt to discover where Yoda came from and handle any legal proceedings that could be started.

“We’re not going to tolerate this type of animal cruelty,” Davis said.