Pets of the Week

Jared Bentley • Jun 28, 2018 at 4:13 PM

Today was a good day to visit the Washington County shelter, apparently, because the parking lot was full of people going in and out. These are the days that make my visits worthwhile, and I was very happy to see so many people actively spending time with the dogs, cats, and rabbits inside.

If you get a chance, I suggest you join in with the visitors and see what it’s all about!

This week’s Pets of the Week:

• Momo and NoNo are eight-moth-old spayed female Tabbies who really enjoy playing with toys and laying in the sun in one of the big front rooms. Momo is more comfortable with people so far, and was not afraid of the camera at all. NoNo is getting there, and after I put the camera down, she was more willing to spend some time with me. Take them both home and add some love to your family.

• Nibbles is a white rabbit with brown and black spots, and she is about as cute as anything you’ll see on the internet this week. An adult female, she has a bare patch on the top of her head, and I don’t know if that is a result of an accident, or simply a bald spot —whatever it is, she doesn’t seem to mind, so you shouldn’t, either. She loved attention, and actually leaned in to get more petting, which is unusual for rabbits who don’t know you well. If you’re a fan of rabbits, you should take her home!

• Dawah is the other rabbit at the shelter right now, and while he may not be as friendly as Nibbles, he is very cool in his own right. After scooting his bowl out of the way to take a photo, Dawah let me know exactly how he likes his cage set up when I moved away —he pulled the bowl back to its original spot, did a quick turn-around, and sat back in his comfy spot, relieved and happy. He also appreciated some attention - so visit and give him some more.

You can visit the Washington County/Johnson City Animal Shelter at 3411 N. Roan St., or visit online at wcjcanimalshelter.org. You can also call at 423-926-8769.

Other local shelters:

Elizabethton/Carter County Animal Shelter

135 Sycamore Shoals Road, Elizabethton


Unicoi County Animal Shelter

185 N. Industrial Drive, Erwin

Phone: 423-743-3071

Bridge Home No Kill Animal Rescue

2061 Tenn. Highway 75, Blountville


Kingsport Animal Shelter

2141 Idle Hour Road


Sullivan County Animal Shelter

380 Massengill Road, Blountville


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