Johnson City Symphony Orchestra 'hitting the pause button' until next year

Brandon Paykamian • Jul 3, 2020 at 8:00 AM

The Johnson City Symphony Orchestra recently announced it will be hitting the pause button out of respect for the health of its musicians and patrons as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

The orchestra’s 50th anniversary year was cut short this spring amid a slew of public event cancellations. The orchestra will postpone its next season until February 2021 instead of this fall, according to a news release.

“In times of stress, music is one of the things that helps keeps our spirits and bodies alive and well, and we want to provide that to you,” the announcement read.

“We will be revising our programming from our regular full season to our modified season and will announce those changes before season ticket sales begin in November. We can’t offer you our regular season this year, caused by our current global uncertainty, but we know you understand our desire to serve you.”

Director Robert Seebacher said delaying the orchestra’s live season was the prudent thing to do as infection numbers continue to rise.

“We only came to one conclusion. We’ve got to wait a little while,” he said. “Anything can change.”

Seebacher said the decision to cut the season short and delay next season was devastating for musicians and patrons.

He said the orchestra will put on a “heck of a performance” when they play live.

“All this potential energy is gathering now. When we get together, the performances are going to be spectacular,” he said, adding that the orchestra will be considering hosting smaller concerts.

“We’re going to wait and do indoor concerts in February, March, and April and end our season with an outdoor concert in May 2021.”

In the meantime, Seebacher said patrons can follow the orchestra on its website and social media for updates and videos featuring musicians. Videos can be found in the coming weeks under the hashtag #JCSOinthistogether.

For more information, visit www.jcsymphony.com.

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