Do you have what it takes to be a Little City Roller Girl?

Hannah Swayze • Jan 14, 2019 at 9:18 AM

Do you have what it takes to be a Little City Roller Girl?

Because the Little City Roller Girls are looking for some “fresh meat.”

The Little City Roller Girls, a local roller derby league, will host a “meat and greet” at their home rink, Bristol Skateway, Wednesday, Jan. 30, 6-9 p.m., to recruit new league members.

In the simplest terms, roller derby is a female-centered sport in which two teams each have blockers and one jammer. Each jammer’s goal is to get through opposing team’s blockers to score points, skating around the rink. Games, or “bouts,” are divided into two 30-minute periods and each period is divided into jams.

Coach and training manager Jacob Vitums said the night will be a casual meet and greet night where skaters will be able to meet current members of the league, watch practice and learn about roller derby.

No experience? No problem.

All the “fresh meat” will go to boot camp and learn to skate and play. And, while it is a female league, Little City Roller Girls are also looking for men to volunteer and to referee.

“When I started eight years ago I didn’t know how to skate at all,” said Vitums.

And it may not be what you’d expect. When a lot of people think of roller derby, they think of the early movies in the 90s or the early 2000s movie, “Whip It.” But Vitums says that the league is a lot more professional than the more hardcore depiction in the movies.

Also, anyone with interest over the age of 18 is welcome, regardless of experience. And Vitums said it’s not just for young women. The league has had skaters from the age of 18 to 50.

Vitums said roller derby is also a great way to get in shape. With all the New Year’s resolutions, he said that the exercise is a great way to meet new fitness goals. He said the practices twice a week are three hours long with non-stop skating to get people pretty active.

“You will work out muscles that you never knew you had,” said Vitums.

Anyone is welcome to join the league. Vitums said a lot of members are moms and women who do roller derby as a way to get away. It’s a unique women-centered sport, a rare occurrence. He said a lot of the women of various ages find it very empowering.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Little City Roller Girls can attend the Jan. 30 event and visit the group’s Facebook page.

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