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Letters to Santa make a pit stop at the Johnson City Press

Santa's #1 Elf • Dec 26, 2018 at 12:40 PM

Every year before Christmas, Santa Claus gets a MASSIVE amount of letters from good children all around the world! His house at the North Pole gets flooded with more and more letters as the big day nears.

And, of course, Santa doesn’t have the storage space for all of those letters — he has to prep the reindeer and prepare for his big trip on Christmas Eve. Can you imagine how many elves he would lose among the mess? Those guys are so short!

So, being the jolly old soul he is, Santa read them, took note, and decided to send a few of your letters back for us to print in the paper, to share just a little more holiday cheer with our readers on Christmas Eve.

Dear Santa,

My friend and owner is writing this for me. I am a pet bird. I am a cockatiel and I wanted to ask you for some things for Christmas. I would love to have a new toy and some special treats as I love to eat and sing. Also I would love to have a new bell ’cause I love to ring them. I especially would like for you to leave seed and special treats outside for all of the other little birds. Have a safe flight on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas, Popeye

Dear Santa,

I am 2 years old, my sister is writing this for me. I want a puppy, doll, pacey, baby toys.

Love, Aubree Moore

Dear Santa,

I want lol doll, dress, pppy, doll house, crafts, macp, stuffed animal, a shirt.

Love, Jaylynn Lee Moore

Dear Santa,

I want racecars and a race track,

Dear Santa,

I am four years old so my nannie is helping me write this. I want Shopkins and a big kitchen and something in my sticking.

Harper Walker, also I love you Santa!

Dear Santa,

I am six years old all I want for Christmas is a drone, a marble run and for everyone to get a Christmas.

Jonathan Walker

Dear Santa,

For Christmas can I have an Lol Biggie pets and in my stocking can I have walkie talkies that reach Rebecca’s house and some American Girl Doll clothes?

Thank you,

Love, Pailsey

Dear Santa,

This year is very easy. I just want a robot. Yeah, a robot. I want a big robot to be my sister. I want a sister very bad. I can help her with her homework. She can be homeschooled.

With love, (and fingers crossed,) Eliza Berry

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is all the boys and girls to be happy. Please bring them something nice. I just want to be with my family. Because I love them very much. I have 2 brothers Logan and Wyatt. Thank you.

I’’, see you Christmas Morning, I love you

Grace Morrow

Dear Santa,

I would like TY Babies, Mini Pop, 1 or 2 stuffed animal inside, le Books, Hatchimals, coloring books, crayons, colored pencils. Please bring everyone something. Merry Christmas.,

Love Maci Isabella Royse (7)

Dear Santa,

I would like trucks, building blocks, tools, firemen stuff, monster truck toys. Please bring everyone something. Remote control cars. Merry Christmas,

Love, Waylon Blake Royse (4)

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year, I hope you will bring to Johnson City and our region a great celebration of our Sesquicentennial. I know that you know we won't officially celebrate our 150th birthday for nearly a year, on December 1, 2019. That's a long time from now! However, plans are being made for a year-long celebration for everyone in our area. I hope you'll bring all of us a wonderful, safe year-long Sesquicentennial celebration with nice weather for outlook events. Please, Santa?

I bet you get tired of milk and cookies, so please look for a nice Sesquicentennial salad and historic hot cider when you stop at my house.

Rebecca Henderson, Sesquicentennial Commission chairwoman

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