Letters: It's election season

Johnson City Press • Updated Feb 14, 2020 at 10:11 AM

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Hagerty fights for conservatives

Our vote is a powerful tool and a right earned by the blood and sacrifice of our forefathers. I take mine very seriously and cast it after much review of the candidate both personally and professionally. The most important gauge of a candidate in my opinion is internal after personally meeting with them.

A few days ago, I enjoyed such a meeting with my now friend and validated choice to represent Tennessee in the United States Senate, Bill Hagerty. His campaign slogan names him as the “conservative fighter” and after spending time with him, I can confirm just that.

Bill’s broad range of experience both in business and government make him the best qualified for the job, period. He is a family man who not only displays the Christian conservative values we expect by those representing us but truly lives them in daily life. He genuinely cares about Tennesseans and is fully equipped to go to battle in Washington in our defense. After looking him in the eye, I can fully vouch for the fact that he is a pro-life, Second Amendment custodian in full support of our president’s agenda. Without hesitation, I intend to support and vote for him and humbly ask that you do as well.

Bluff City

Buckingham has assessor experience

I am writing to share my support for Scott Buckingham as the property assessor for Washington County.

I could not have succeeded in resurrecting our historic farm without the patience, knowledge and personal, timely attention from Scott in my time of need. Because of his 10 years of experience, he now brings an art to this position which few individuals could offer. Scott's dedication, as evidenced by his work ethic and availability to every citizen in Washington County, is a model to which every elected official should aspire. I urge that you vote for Scott Buckingham to be our property assessor so he can continue to provide his exemplary service to Washington County.


Ford calls it like he sees it

I was happy to see that Dale Ford has entered the election for property assessor. When you consider the job of property assessor, the main quality has to be fairness no matter who you are or what you have. Dale as a retired Major League Baseball umpire was well respected as being one of most fairest and well-respected umpires whether you were an all-star or a rookie. This was evident in the fact that he was chosen to umpire several World Series.

Dale also served us honorably for several terms as our state representative. His legacy of hard work and getting things done is evident, look no further than the Gray interchange named in his honor. Dale was known as a hard worker, especially at home in his district listening to his constituents’ needs and following up and delivering on them.

I believe with his history of fairness and public service and his genuine love for all of Washington County that we could not find a more fair, honest, and harder-working person to serve as property assessor.


Dems should campaign on policy

For over three years now, the Democrat Party has had the opportunity to win in 2020 or lose in 2020. They could have piggy-backed on popular Trump economic and foreign policies, debated other policies, and said "our policies for 2020 will be even better." Nope. They took the path of obstruction, Russia Russia, Russia, Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, Blasie Ford, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, impeachment for no reason and of course: all Republicans are racist and Hitler. That's what you get when the D party is run by condescending limousine liberals in the NY/DC media.

The D Party cheated Bernie Sanders four years ago when Hillary Clinton bought off the superdelegates. Bernie was cheated in Iowa last week when the DNC used the Shadow voting app created by Hillary and Buttigieg. Bloomberg has bought off the DNC and the superdelegates already, so it looks like there will be a brokered D convention. Violent Bernie supporters will riot in Milwaukee and the Democrat Party will be over. Millions of illegal immigrant votes, millions of write-in votes from people who don't exist but remain on voter rolls, and $2 billion from Bloomberg will lose against peace and prosperity.

Johnson City