Letters: All for the children

Johnson City Press • Nov 22, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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All for the children

The Jonesborough K-8 school project is a true political football. Instead of simply building schools for education, the Jonesborough and Boones Creek projects have evolved around constructing expensive sports complexes along with them (Al Bundy would be proud). This latest “bundling” of the two items (a quid pro quo) will further add to the cost, years of delays, unnecessary dissension and tax increases. All for the children.

Embarrassingly, Washington County leadership has essentially allowed itself to be usurped by the town of Jonesborough and engaged in a modern day money laundering type scheme. Meanwhile, subsidizing Jonesborough’s operating budget for decades. It’s official — the town of Jonesborough will be Washington County’s landlord. All for the children.

A politician’s fundamental duty is to represent all the citizens. Tribalism, personal and political self enrichment, questionable ethics, lack of transparency, hypocrisy, hyperbole tactics and just plain old monkey business and malarkey have become all too common in today’s society. All for the children.

Unfortunately, a group of forgotten citizens, taxpayers and students (also known as the city of Johnson City) entitled to a portion of matching funds for this project were never really considered or included (i.e.the elephant in the room or the crazy relative in the attic you never want to talk about). This group has sat by patiently in hopes that the county mayor and commissioners they elected would “do the right thing.” Only to be patronized by a verbal promise of “trust me it will work out.” All for the children.

"A half-truth is the most cowardly of lies." — Mark Twain

Fortunately, any Johnson City parent, property owner or taxpayer not satisfied with the terms of this proposed lease can challenge the county’s plan in court. All for the children.

Johnson City

Impeachment bad for country

This is nothing but a partisan sideshow. If the president was a Democrat, the subject would never have come up. This all is related to the 2016 election loss by the Democrats.

Even if the president broached the subject with Ukraine about corruption and possible withholding of military aid, he has not done anything that has not been done by U.S. presidents regarding other governments. Also, asking for Biden to be investigated because he is a political rival can be looked at in another way. Biden just happens to be a political rival and this should have no bearing on his possible corruption. Personally, I believe Biden and his son are too stupid to make any deals as complicated as a corruption deal would be.

The Democrats are using the old trick of accusing your opponents of doing what you have already done. Reference the Russia probe on Trump and his campaign.

The real shame here is the effect this is having on the country as a whole on the world stage. I bet Russia and China not to mention Iran are laughing their rear ends off at this fiasco. China will never come to any real trade deals until they see if Trump is thrown out or voted out.

As for Congress as a whole, it is saddening that all they can do is waste time on this nonsense while the country has real needs that need to be addressed. Grammar school kids get along better on the playground than this overpaid, spoiled, elitist bunch.

The House will impeach and the Senate will acquit. Both sides will claim victory. Quoting Sonny and Cher: “The beat goes on.” Vote them all out and start over.