Letters: Roe's being cautious

Johnson City Press • Aug 29, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Roe’s being cautious

In response to the letter concerning Congressman Roe being “afraid of his constituents,” I would like to ask if the writer thinks we here in Upper East Tennessee are immune from the violence, hate and vitriol that is currently ongoing in our country? Did we not learn anything from the tragic shootings of Reps. Giffords and Scalise?

I do not think Congressman Roe is afraid of his constituents, but I am sure he is concerned about the mindset of his detractors. “Better safe than sorry” seems applicable here.

Johnson City

Reporting your own fall

There is a breathtaking irony in Mr. Trump’s attacks on the press and in the thought process of those who believe his attacks are justified.

Mr. Trump decries the press as untrustworthy, inaccurate and biased “fake news,” knowing full and well that his statements will be faithfully and accurately reported by newspapers and television stations across the country. Isn’t that a bit twisted? And his adherents will trust the same “fake news” media to tell them that the president thinks the press is “fake news.” Which means they trust the media to tell them that the president thinks your paper is “fake news.” And then they believe the president when he says you’re “fake news.” Which tees up this remarkable irony: you are trusted to be reporting that you are fake. Quite a feat.

Johnson City

Millennium Centre undervalued

Why would City Commissioners sell the Millennium Centre and adjoining parking garage without an appraisal? The city received $ 5.8 million for both buildings. ETSU recently built a parking garage across the street from the MC that cost $26 million. The city is also considering buying park property for $1.4 million, has an appraisal been done? I was on the City Commission when the MC was built, I voted against the project because the city had no financial information that justified building the facility! Total cost of land and buildings was near $20 million.

Johnson City

Good job, readers

The Johnson City Public Library has completed another successful Tennessee State Summer Reading Program! 2,169 children, teens and adults from all over the region participated in the “Libraries Rock” program. It was great to see the library so busy with active readers, who read more than 58,327 books and logged more than 6,747 hours of reading. We had over 3,387 attendees at our special programs throughout the summer.

The summer reading programs were assisted and supported by numerous businesses in the area. These programs would not have been possible without their financial support and partnership. We would like to thank Johnson City Monday Club, Friends of the Library, Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium, Barberitos, Chick-fil-A, Gems & Whims, Holy Taco Cantina, JK Sweet Cakes, Luke’s Pizza, Mahoney’s Outfitters, Mona Lisa Gelato, Monkee’s, Olive Oil Divine, Paramount Center for the Arts, Ryman Auditorium, The Down Home and Wheeler’s Bagels. We would also like to thank our volunteers whose hard work helped make summer reading a success.

We hope the 2018 summer reading programs made a lasting impression on the participants who helped us prove that libraries rock! Thank you to everyone who shared your summer with us. We look forward to sharing many more reading experiences with you at the Johnson City Public Library.

Johnson City

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