Letters: Your reasons for living

Johnson City Press • Jun 17, 2018 at 6:00 AM

In light of two recent celebrities’ suicides and new data suggesting suicides are on the rise nationally, we asked you with Monday’s Question of the Week to share your reasons for living. Here are some of your responses.

Faith and gardening

In response to your question "What is your reason for living?" mine is built around my faith and the support from my church family at Westminster Presbyterian.

In turn, I am able to support others in the church. I think being a part of something bigger than yourself helps your outlook on life. Being involved with others takes your mind off some of your own troubles.

My faith also helps me not to worry about the future so much, since I know that God is in control, even if I don't always understand it all. Our children don't live nearby but we still have a wonderful support system through our church.

Also, continuing to have other interests as long as you live gives more meaning to life. I'm 73 and deal with chronic arthritic pain, but I still manage to find a way to do things I enjoy, like entertaining and working in my garden, even if it is harder than it used to be. I feel nearer to my creator as I see his amazing, complex work in my garden.

Johnson City

Kindness to others

I believe my purpose is to offer encouragement — a kind word, a hug, a heart that listens and cares.

Johnson City

Living for growth

You ask, "What's your reason for living?" Phrasing such a question is a consideration.

Are you asking for the reason I go on living? Are you asking why I don't stop living? Are you are asking about the purpose of my life?

You use that pesky word, "reason." We seem to always want a reason for something. People have devised huge, unwieldy schemes to explain living and to answer this and related questions about the meaning of life.

I believe that sometimes, there is no reason. Sometimes, there is no answer to the question, "Why?" Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.

So I could easily and honestly answer your question with, "No reason. I just live." But I think that would not satisfy you. I believe you ask about the purpose of my living.

There are as many purposes of living as there are living people. I like to think my purpose is to grow and to connect; to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and to connect with other people. The reason I go on living is love.

Johnson City

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