Letters: Unicoi supports SROs and trails

Johnson City Press • Jun 15, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Unicoi supports SROs and trails

I would like to address the recent letter from Ms. Perry concerning the May BMA meeting for the town of Unicoi. Ms. Perry implied that Mayor Lynch and Aldermen Hopson and Linville voted against a school resource officer. This is simply not true. The vote on the table was to fund the initial phase of the Town of Unicoi Buffalo Valley Connector Trail and Bike Route. Not one person on the board said they were against the SRO; Alderman Hopson tried to explain that by voting for the trail funding, they were not voting against the SRO. He suggested that it was possible to fund both. No one said that the trail was more important than our children.

Also, Ms. Perry’s figures are incorrect. Unicoi County is eligible to apply for a Partnerships for Opportunity and Workforce and Economic Revitalization grant of $300,000 to partially fund the trail; our leaders did not vote to provide $400,000 for this project. I commend Mayor Lynch and Aldermen Hopson and Linville for supporting this trail, which will be a wonderful asset to our community and a way to ultimately unite Unicoi and Erwin. The tremendous popularity of the Pinnacle Trail and the Linear Trail should suffice as evidence that individuals are interested in trails.

I applaud Alderman Cooper’s concern for school safety, and I encourage the sheriff’s department, the Board of Education and the BMA to continue to secure our children’s safety. And contrary to what Ms. Perry wrote, the town of Unicoi actually does provide money for the Unicoi County school system.

I encourage folks to attend the BMA meetings to see and hear what actually happens. And for the record, they are the third Monday of every month (not Thursday) at 5:30 p.m. in Unicoi Town Hall.


Tariff opposition shows senators are puppets for industries

I noticed that Senators Alexander and Corker as well as others are crying gloom and doom over President Trump’s proposed tariffs. Could it be because they represent certain industries that contribute to their coffers and not the actual voters and working folks in the states they are supposed to represent?

Do these naysayers think for one minute our supposed allies will retaliate and kill the golden goose? Definition of an ally: A country that needs our money and our military protection if someone threatens them. Also in the case of Mexico someone to take in their cast-off population to suck our social programs dry. If not for trade these countries have with the USA, their economies would be no better off than the so called Third World economies. Trudeau of Canada said the next summit could very well be the G6. I got news for him that without the USA there would not even be a summit.

It is time that someone looked out for our country on the world economic stage. Why should we trade at massive deficits? Even though other countries such as China (who has used our technology to do it) have grown to be immense economies, the USA still drives the world economy.

I disagree with Trump on the Russian government being part of any economic summit (not that he cares). Russia is no more than a giant mafia/Wall Street conglomerate. They make our gangsters look like Sunday school teachers. His fascination with Russia is going to lead to his downfall and undo all of the good things he has accomplished and could accomplish for this country as a whole. Watch out Donald, the left is out to get you!


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