Letters: No begging for his own pardon

Johnson City Press • Jun 8, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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No begging for his own pardon

The media has tried to create a scandal by asking whether President Trump could pardon himself.

Had the media looked at the Constitution, which states in Article 2, Section 2 “and he (the President) shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.”

Therefore President Trump, Obama, Clinton, Lincoln, Washington and all others have or had the power to pardon anyone during their term, including themselves unless their actions resulted in impeachment. It could not be more clear.

So, then, why, then doesn’t the media know? I am sure this isn’t a "set-up" question. Do those in the media know the Constitution? It seems like a handy thing to know about in their profession.


Prioritize safety in Unicoi

Child safety in the town of Unicoi? At the monthly meeting of the BMA, Roger Cooper was questioning that particular question. The board is in the beginning process of spending over $400,000 on a walking/biking trail in the city.

Mr. Cooper wanted to dismiss the idea of a trail and instead spend the money for a school resource officer for the Unicoi Elementary School. Doug Hopson, Jeff Linville and Johnny Lynch did not agree. Lynch even became hostile toward Cooper when he tried to get the money for the SRO. If it becomes necessary, then will we talk about it?

Is a trail more important to the town than our children? Why wait?

Our biggest asset in the town is our children. There are 335 children and 21 teachers full-time at the school plus many more helpers, including cafeteria personnel, etc.

For the last two months, they have had a full-time deputy sheriff, but it is all about the money. What if next year there is no money for a deputy sheriff? The town of Unicoi had not put any money in the budget for the sheriff’s department. Why not? Are our children and citizens not worth anything?

The school needs two SROs. What if the children are on the playground? What if the SRO is in the cafeteria at that time? Just ask yourself? Why is Johnny Lynch more interested in tourism and a bike trail than in the children? What about the parents? What happens if a parent loses a child due to the BMA’s lack of money to the sheriff’s department to provide that safety.

Now I grant you, it may never happen in Unicoi, but what if?

Please come to the meetings on the third Thursday of each month at 5:30 in the Town Hall.


Which is it, Dr. Roe?

Yesterday, I attended a golf social hosted by the Sullivan County Young Republicans that Congressman Phil Roe attended and spoke at. I came to the event respecting Congressman Roe for his contributions to my district, but I left the event perplexed.

In his speech and comments to people, Congressman Roe persistently associated himself with President Trump’s agenda and successes; however, Congressman Roe also told the audience that “he (Donald Trump) wasn’t my first, second or third choice” for the Republican nomination.

How silly is it that Roe is so opportunistic that he associates himself with the president while also stating that he would have preferred so many others before Trump? I hope that in the future our leaders are more authentic and less focused on riding on the coattails of politicians.

Johnson City

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