Letters: Look at the facts

Johnson City Press • Apr 20, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Look at the facts

I am sick and tired of people not doing their homework before they mouth off. They need to look at the facts.

How can someone say they are for common sense government and against milking the taxpayer when they were against cutting the number of commissioners and for keeping all the freebies? What makes Mark Ferguson and Alpha Bridger, who are both well off, think they are entitled to have their healthcare and travel expenses shoved off on the backs of the people?

It is not only arrogant, it is immoral, especially coming from those who have committed generational theft by racking up obscene amounts of debt. How about a little humility? They have a lot of nerve attacking Joe Grandy, they are just bitter that they were defeated in 2014 and Joe took away their pensions.

Johnson City

Grandy’s a public servant

My name is Eric Arwood and I’m a resident of Washington County, Tennessee, and I want to weigh in on the Washington County mayoral race in my own way.

I’ll start by saying that I’ve worked in Washington County since 2002, but chose to reside in Hamblen County, Tennessee (Morristown) until February 2014. My employer is Ferguson Enterprises Inc., and I was hired by then General Manager Joe Grandy.

I want to fully convey that, being a very politically astute person, I became aware of Joe’s sense of community and public service within the first year. This being said, the man, Joe Grandy, I came to know is a highly effective businessman and he expected nothing less than the highest results of his team of associates.

My experience with Joe has shown that he is a man of integrity and expects hard work, honesty and truth to be the only performance level and, if achieved, offers proven results! Joe set an example and taught me that the proper way to treat people in business is the Golden Rule and, if followed, it will yield results that benefit all involved.

I can state that I’m proud to have had Joe Grandy as a mentor and leader and I’m proud to endorse this man for the office of Washington County mayor!

Johnson City

Downes brings integrity

I want to encourage the voters of Washington County to support Brenda Downes in the upcoming election for Circuit Court clerk.

I worked for Brenda for 15 years within the detention center and can attest to her strong work ethic and integrity. A true people person, caring for all, I have full confidence that she will conduct herself accordingly if elected to the circuit clerk's office.

I left Washington County for work interests in the Washington, D.C., area, and truly miss the area and people. I regret that I will be unable to cast a vote for her myself, but hope that the good people of the Washington County elect one of their finest to represent them. Brenda will work tirelessly and ethically for the citizens of Washington County if given the opportunity.

Ashburn, VA

Continue with Walsh

I enthusiastically endorse the candidacy of Mrs. Michele Walsh for the position of Circuit Court clerk of Washington County.

With a combined 22 years of actual hands-on and supervisory experience in the clerk’s office, the public’s needs will continue to be met without interruption.

Moreover, her sense of personal and civic integrity and demonstrated character will ensure that the operation of the clerk’s office will reflect the values and expectations of the citizens that are served. She is adaptive to changing technology and always is open to better and more efficient ways of providing the clerk’s services to the public.

Her qualifications for the position of Circuit Court clerk are supported by the confidence of her peers through the endorsement by the current and former Circuit Court clerks.

Please join me in voting for Michele Walsh for Circuit Court clerk.


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