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Johnson City Press • Apr 12, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Walsh will work as clerk

I would like to take this opportunity to strongly recommend Michele Walsh for Circuit Court clerk for Washington County. I have known Michele for almost 30 years. Prior to my retirement, I was employed with the federal government. On many occasions, I needed records from the Washington County clerk’s office. Michele was always more than willing to provide the requested information, which I often needed immediately. Not only did she go beyond the call of duty to provide the information to me quickly, it was always accurate, which was essential for my needs.

I spent many hours in the Washington County clerk’s office during my employment and observed first-hand that, not only was Michele an excellent member of the staff, but she was always courteous to everyone and went out of her way to assist the public. Michele’s years of experience and knowledge of how the Washington County Circuit Court should operate to best meet the needs of the courts and the people of Washington County, make her the ideal candidate for this position. In addition to her wealth of experience and strong work ethic, Michele is a person of high character. Although I am not a resident of Washington County and obviously cannot vote in the upcoming election, I wanted to share my strong belief in Michele’s ability to serve the citizens of Washington County as Circuit Court clerk. If given the opportunity, Michele Walsh will proudly serve you as the Circuit Court clerk of Washington County.


Blessed to know Bowman

I have worked in the register of deeds office for over 26 years under two different registers. Having worked in the office, I know the skills and leadership that this position requires.

For the last 15 years, I have been blessed to know Teresa Bowman, both as a co-worker and friend.

Teresa is a candidate for the register of deeds in the May Republican Primary. She has proven time and again that she possesses the qualities to run the office. Her integrity, honesty, leadership, dedication, work ethic, as well as her 15 years of knowledge gained through her experience, speak multitudes of her ability to run a successful office.

Teresa Bowman has established strong professional relationships with individuals and businesses in the area. In this office, experience truly does matter and there is nothing better than long time, on the job training.

I’m asking you to please join me in supporting Teresa Bowman to be the next register of deeds in Washington County.


Hartman good with money

I am supporting Michael Hartman for register of deeds because he is the right person for the job. Michael has built a business and knows how to work efficiently within a budget.

He has committed to keeping the current staff while making changes in the daily operations that will save the taxpayer's money. He is always willing to assist people in a cheerful, friendly manner and will maintain that in this office.

I am urging everyone to consider what is best for Washington County and vote for Michael Hartman for register of deeds.

Johnson City

Researcher for Bowman

I have been conducting research in the register of deeds office for Washington County, Tennessee, for 20 years, spending many hours in the office and have seen many improvement through the years. The employees help people find their property deeds, help them with genealogy research or help with any other need they may have with a smile and kind words. Sometimes this is not so easy. I have heard people be very ugly and the employees continue to smile and go on.

Teresa Bowman has been with the register’s office for 15 years and has the respect of everyone. Teresa Bowman will be a great leader. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of her job, in the entire office as a whole, and is very trustworthy. It is very refreshing to see Teresa run a clean campaign.

I hope to see this office continue to grow and improve with Teresa as register and I encourage every Washington County voter to consider Teresa Bowman for the Republican Primary.

Bluff City

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