Letters to the Forum: Don't take Unicoi's below-par bid for golf course

Contributed To The Press • Feb 9, 2018 at 12:00 AM

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Unicoi golf course offer is no ace

On the front page of the Tuesday (Feb. 6) edition of the Johnson City Press, the headline of one story mentions the town of Unicoi is prepared to make the city of Johnson City a "lowball" offer on the Buffalo Valley Golf Course property.

Mayor Johnny Lynch and the Unicoi Board of Mayor and Aldermen are ready to offer the city of Johnson City $400,000 for the golf course, with their conditions being a down payment of $200,000 and $20,000 yearly installments for the next 10 years to be paid at no interest.

Really, by offering the city of Johnson City less than appraised value of the property, and making installment payments with no interest?

The $400,000 offer from the town of Unicoi is more than a "lowball" offer, it's an idiotic offer. Should an offer like this be accepted by the city of Johnson City, it's a slap in the face to city taxpayers. If the town of Unicoi and nearby residents surrounding the golf course really want the golf course property, then make an offer more reflective of the appraised value of the property.

I've been a Johnson City property taxpayer since 1983, and the city should never agree to accept an offer on the property considerably less than market value for anyone interested in purchasing the 121-acre golf course.

Granted, the golf course has lost money from day the city of Johnson City purchased it. With the golf course located outside city limits and furthermore, outside of Washington County, the property should never have been bought to begin with.

All city of Johnson City taxpayers should appear at the next City Commission meeting to let it be known we're not wanting the city to "give away" the golf course property.

Johnson City

Congress should help Dreamers

I am happy that Candy Casey (Feb. 1) wants DACA recipients to have the opportunity to become citizens of the United States. What she may not understand is there is currently no pathway for citizenship for these young people, who were brought here as very young children by their parents searching for better lives for themselves and their families.

DACA was put in place so that these young people would not face deportation while the U.S. Congress worked toward a solution giving them permanent resident status and a way to become citizens. That never happened. These DACA recipients have been students in our public schools and have learned, as all American students do, to appreciate this country, and to learn about our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and our history. In fact, they know no other country as their own, because they have lived here all their lives. Because of DACA, they have become productive residents of this country, going on to study in colleges or technical programs, working jobs and paying taxes, and serving in our military. These are law-abiding, productive members of our communities, who deserve a chance to continue to live in the only place they have ever known.

The blame for their present status rests entirely on Congress. In a bipartisan way, Congress needs to address this issue and come up with legislation that will pass both Houses and be signed into law by the president, so that 800,000 young people can live their lives without fear of deportation to places that they have no connection to and have not lived in since they were babies. We need these young people, and the bright futures that they will bring to our country, to have a legal way to become citizens of the United States.

Johnson City

Praise Trump

I read with interest this Wednesday, Feb. 7th, almost rejoicing to hear someone write about President Trump with some respect. Thank you Larry French! I also on occasion read Froma Harrop’s column, but not too often. She says the same thing in every article: “Anti-Trump.” She is still quoting things said during the campaign — old stuff, girl!

President Trump has had lots of turnover in his administration. Yes, he forgot to completely “Drain The Swamp.” He did make a mistake of using onboard people who he had to ask “Are you on board with me and the administration?” The Democrats called that collusion. I would call that good HR practice.

The do-gooders and mainstream biased Press took every shot at the president in his first year in office. Maybe, just maybe, if they let him work without condemning his every word he may be able to get his wall built (which got him elected in the first place) and help the immigration problem. Every previous president kicked that can down the road. Let’s give him credit where credit is due.


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