Letters: Why a new plan for the Boones Creek school?

Contributed To The Press • Jan 19, 2018 at 12:00 AM

Taxpayers were burdened recently for an additional property tax increase to fund a new school in the Boones Creek area. If I remember correctly this also included renovations to the Jonesborough Elementary School building and funds for a magnet school. At that time the county Board of Education accepted this idea.

Now all at once that plan is no longer good enough to satisfy some folks. Guess what? You can’t just go back and change your decision. For one thing the taxpayers of Washington County and Johnson City included would never stand for another increase in property taxes regardless of the reason.

Building a new school in the Boones Creek area was a mistake to begin with, especially the area chosen. How many students will actually attend the school? The traffic woes will be terrific as this is one of the most used roads in the county and especially in the mornings and afternoon that coincide with the class start and end times. One wonders who will benefit financially from this project. I suspect current landowners and subdivision developers will reap some windfall profits down the road.

I personally think that any money that has been allocated for a sports complex should be allocated to improvement of school buildings. Are we sending today’s youth to school for education or to play ball? It has been stated that the County Commission hopes that Johnson City would come on board and share in the costs of this complex. Really? I have heard that Johnson City already has plans for some sort of sports complex. You can bet it will be built inside city limits as it should be considering Johnson City taxpayers will foot the bill.



The only truth

I was duped by Jennie Young’s Community Voices column on Jan. 3. Her lead paragraph pertained to President Trump’s reaction to reports that a Chinese tanker was spotted transferring oil to a North Korean craft. I look at this as a very serious event in the ongoing North Korean nuclear threat and was interested in Young’s thoughts on the matter.

However, all Young expressed in the entire 800-word column that followed was how much she hated President Trump and his family. There was not another word about the North Korean crisis.

The only truth I am interested in at this time from Young is what a retired language arts teacher thinks about China ignoring the sanctions against North Korea — not why she hates President Trump.



Against abortion

It’s clear since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was against violence he would speak out today against the greatest violence of our time —  abortion. Because King was a Baptist pastor he would do as the Bible commands, “choose life.” King would encourage everyone to support the adoption option.

The way I honor King is to speak out against abortion and encourage adoption. Millions of unborn children might be alive today if King was speaking out against abortion like his niece, Alveda King.

King spoke up for unity. He said, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” With his murder 50 years ago, America became more selfish and lost some of its unity, conscience  and soul. By the butterfly effect of King’s murder, every configuration is henceforth altered forever.

King wouldn’t agree that how someone treats blacks or unborn babies should be that person’s choice. 



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