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Thank goodness Trump is no Obama

Contributed to the Johnson City Press • Jan 12, 2018 at 12:00 AM

I suffered through Jennie Young’s vacuous hit piece titled “Trump has no interest in knowing truth” on Jan. 3. She obviously yearns for the good ol’ days of the Obama/Hillary administration, when Obama led from behind, adopting a wait-and-see approach to world affairs, creating new rules without the consent of Congress by “sue-and-settle” techniques and implementing agreements unfavorable to the United States.

Obama was viewed as so powerless by the Russian people that they posted unflattering cartoons of him everywhere. Then Hillary was making computer intel available to any hacker with a G.E.D. degree.

Young could have saved the reader a lot of time by condensing her 850-word pointed commentary into its most salient points, namely that President Trump has an “inflated sense of his own impact” due to his “clueless cartoonish insecurities,” and his “unparalleled stamina” means more to him than grave international issues. He also loves to receive and give “effusive mutual praise” involving undeserving world leaders.

According to Young, Trump “shows little interest in implementation,” is somehow “autocratic” yet “unwilling to confront [other] autocratic leaders” and has been seen “profiting from dirty money.” And he’s “toxic,” at least to Democrats worried about the next two elections.

I especially liked her Trump description that “spoke volumes about his naiveté.” Yes, he’s not the same world leader as Obama, and thank God for that. In her opinion, Trump is so weak that he made Jerusalem the site of our embassy (when other presidents wouldn’t), told North Korea where to go, praised the Iranian peoples’ insurrection when Obama decided to wait and see, pulled the United States out of a bad Paris climate agreement and is on track to double our economic growth rate this coming year.

He’s done more good in one year than Obama did in eight. Young and like-minded Democrats hate Trump and the economic prosperity that he brings.


Johnson City

Censoring Democratic voices

I’m disappointed in the platform given to Robert Houk by the Johnson City Press to discredit the Washington County Democratic Party, Democratic candidates in 2018, as well as the local Democrats who support them. While we Democrats may disagree with local Republicans on many issues, we know that our community is stronger and more vibrant due to both of our sets of strengths and ideas.

In other words, we know there is value when differing ideas are brought to the table enabling those people to collaborate and create solutions that benefit everyone. Houk very clearly does not share that value.

At the end of the summer, I applied to be a Community Voices contributor to the Johnson City Press through Houk. I never received a response after I submitted my writing sample (that he’d requested after I’d inquired) or a response after each follow-up email. I can only perceive this as blatant censorship, as well as an example of his lack of professionalism.

While I have been the chair of the Washington County Democratic Party for just shy of a year, I have lived the majority of my life here in Washington County. I love the community here, our view of the mountains and the increasing opportunities spilling over the Smoky Mountains and into our region bringing festivals, art exhibits, bands, breweries, restaurants and industry.

None of this would have happened without everyone jointly collaborating on these positive changes. And we are better for it. Thank you.

Democrats love our Northeast Tennessee home as much as any Republican, independent, or any person who uses other political party identifiers. We know that this is a special place with access to hiking and beautiful views, state of the art educational institutions, cutting edge medical facilities, a place where we can celebrate our freedom thanks to those who fought for it. Out of the many that we are, we unite in our Appalachian home.


Johnson City

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