Tennessee needs stricter gun laws

Contributed To The Press • Dec 29, 2017 at 12:00 AM

Tennessee has a serious flaw in its gun laws. The state of Tennessee does not require universal background checks for gun sellers and does not have strict laws on who can buy a gun.

Tennessee is much more susceptible to gun-related violence because of this gap in the system. Statistics prove that states that required background checks for all sellers had 35 percent fewer gun deaths per capita and 52 percent fewer mass shootings. In order to make Tennessee a safer place for all of its citizens, Tennessee lawmakers should mandate legislation to require universal background checks to prevent dangerous people from buying guns.

Requiring universal background checks would prevent people such as violent offenders and the mentally unstable from obtaining a firearm. Tennessee state law does not require a background check between unlicensed parties, nor does it require gun owners to register their firearms. In 2015 ,Tennessee had the 12th highest rate of gun deaths per capita. Enacting legislation that is stricter on gun consumers and sellers will make Tennessee safer.

Enacting legislation to prevent gun violence can’t eradicate all gun-related violence in Tennessee. There will still be dangerous people who will stop at nothing in order to obtain a gun, but that can’t be a reason for Tennesseans to continue to allow gun-related violence and death to happen in Tennessee.

The citizens of Tennessee must stand together to try and protect one another against gun violence. Universal background checks and stricter laws on who can buy guns will be taking a step in a direction that has less gun violence for Tennessee. 


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