Letters: Where has Joe Grandy been?

Contributed To The Press • Dec 3, 2017 at 12:00 AM

In reading the campaign announcement of Joe Grandy in the Johnson City Press for the office of mayor of Washington County, you would think he has not served as a commissioner for the past eight years (two terms) and as the chairman of the county’s Budget Committee. When he stated what he s going to do if elected mayor, he said he is going to “tackle” the $160 million in debt that Washington County owes.

He even said he was “disturbed” that the county has debt from 2007, on which not a dime has been paid on the principal. Well, where has he been these past eight years?

I guess he has an excuse he was too busy raising our property taxes (the largest increase in Washington County modern history), donating $1 million of our tax dollars to East State University performing arts center, spending thousands of dollars on a voting system for the County Commission and casting a vote for a methadone clinic in Gray against the wishes of the neighborhood. The list could go on.

I urge the voters to remember who is looking out for taxpayers and who is not. If your commissioner has voted to tax and spend —  kick him out in 2018. That’s what I plan to do.




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