Letters: How is being an illegal immigrant a race?

Contributed To The Press • Nov 29, 2017 at 12:00 AM

My son is in school in Erwin. He is being taught that it is perfectly fine to be in this country illegally. There is nothing wrong with it at all, and if anyone feels otherwise, then they are simply racist bigots.

At the same time, he is being told that Mexico’s economy is booming.

First, how is being illegal a race? Being Chinese is a race, as is being white, black or Indian, but being an illegal is now a race? No!

Secondly, how is it that America has been plagued with illegals if the Mexican economy is doing better than ever before? Not only is my son being lied to, but he is being taught how to be a mindless sheep who dares not ask a single question for fear of being labeled a racist bigot. This is wrong on too many levels.

Do you know the laws in Mexico if you are caught there illegally? Look them up. They're not pretty.

I could easily write at least 1,000 more words here, especially about how I have contacted the School Board in Erwin several times only to end up being ignored.



Punish the parasites

While our illustrious main stream media clamors to identify the latest chauvinistic, congressional pig whose indelicacies has been convenienced by slush fund monies, many have called for more transparency on the matter. I could care less about media transparency.

This loathsome practice needs swift termination, along with exposure of those responsible for its implementation. Secondly, identify and immediately impeach those great pillars of the community in the program who have gained the peoples’ trust. And, finally, abolish the government lifetime retirement and benefits of all present and past parasitic inductees mooching off taxpayers’ money.

Perhaps this is too much for the deplorables to ask of our critters in Congress.


Johnson City

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