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Tax cuts always lead to growth

• Nov 19, 2017 at 12:00 AM

Jennie Young’s column concerning the (Republican) tax plan on Nov. 5 was way off base. She based her remarks around comments from Nick Hanauer, who like Young, is a progressive. Progressives believe that governments know better how to spend your money than you do.

Hanauer claims Kansas tax cuts did not work, The Kansas Chamber of Commerce disagrees. Unemployment is down to 3.7 percent, the lowest in 16 years. The state set a new record for new businesses every year since cutting taxes.

The small business tax cuts created 98 percent of new private sector jobs. Budget challenges in Kansas are tied to the downturn in global agriculture and energy markets.

It’s a fact the Kennedy tax cuts contributed 6.2 percent to growth and created 9.3 million jobs. Reagan’s tax cuts contributed 11 percent to growth and created 11.7 million jobs. The Bush tax cuts contributed 2.3 percent to growth and created 6.9 million jobs.

According to data from the Tax Policy Center the proposed tax plan would lower taxes on the middle class by 20 percent, with top earners seeing a smaller 12.7 percent decrease. The pool of filers who end up paying nothing is also going to expand. Don’t be fooled with disinformation regarding who benefits.



Johnson City

Not worth it

It’s obscene for a university football coach to be making $4.1 million dollars a year, much less not doing his job and getting $8 million dollars plus for leaving.

Who decides to pay that much money just for a coach? Those millions would have been better used on faculty and school upgrades.



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