Letters: Giving others the fruit of our labors

Contributed To The Press • Nov 17, 2017 at 12:00 AM

This is in response to the Jennie Young’s Community Voices column that appeared on Nov. 5. As with most of her postings, this one reveals her liberal bias toward taxation in America to the point of being almost a direct tribute to the communistic approach to governance.

Her main goal seems to be the redistribution of other people’s wealth.

This is why when people say the rich should pay more taxes, they are just exposing their envy of those who have been more successful than they have. Equal opportunity does not mean equal outcomes.

When you have lived a few years it dawns on you that there are people smarter than you, there are people who work harder than you, there are people who chose a career path different from yours, there are people who were willing to take a bigger risk than you and, yes, there are people who were just luckier than you. None of those reasons, however, give you the right to demand they pay more taxes to make your life easier. It is a simple concept, and it is what made America great.

Over half the people in the United States currently pay no federal income tax and the proposed legislation at this point increases that number by nearly doubling the standard deduction. Additionally, many families with children in this category actually get money without paying anything via the child tax credit and a proposed child care credit.

The top 10 percent of income earners pay 70 percent of the taxes, and someone thinks that is fair. And then there is the estate tax that penalizes you for dying.

As for the billionaire quoted in Young’s column, he is free to give the government as much of his money as he wants. Has he? No, because he wants to share his guilt about being rich with others who have a different opinion and raise their taxes, too. Sad!


Johnson City

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