Letters: Thinking of what could've been at King Street

Contributed To The Press • Nov 9, 2017 at 12:00 AM

If you could see the future of King Street as part of a renovated park/village of locally-owned shops, quietly reflective, calming stream ripples, low and slow traffic, strolling thoughtful visits, tranquil green and blue kindness where the only thing you can judge is the content of a man’s character.

What do we want people to consider when they see the name and connect it to the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. — chaos, speed, confusion and anger, or that which brings out the best in us? I guess that has been answered.

(The) King Street area would have been a perfect MLK community reflective of how the man saw the world from the mountain top — flawed and rough on this side, but full of peaceful hope on the other. A place where people of all kinds greet each other and talk, blur differences and reflect on God’s most perfect creations.

Renaming King Street and the park between it and Commerce Street would have been the kindest honor a city could bestow on a man of peace. University Parkway is uncivil at best.


Johnson City

Remember the Korean War

I couldn’t help but notice in the article,  “A salute to the American soldier,” that the Korean War was missing from the list of wars referenced. As a veteran who served in Korea, and as my father is a Korean War MIA, I am very sensitive when comes to matters about the war.

It is appropriately called “The Forgotten War,” yet there was a a total 55,000 U.S. military members dead and missing during the three years of the war. This does not count the casualties that the other United Nations countries suffered.

Over 1 million South Koreans civilians also lost their lives. Today, South Korean is a thriving democracy and one of our greatest allies because of the sacrifices of these that served and died.

The men and women who served in Korea War deserve our recognition. They also have stories to tell.


Johnson City

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