Letters: Never forget people are listening

Contributed To The Press • Nov 5, 2017 at 12:00 AM

I’m sitting in the waiting room of a service department of a local car dealership. There are several people coming and going and waiting, as you can imagine. Among us is an older couple talking very loudly on their cell phones.

They seem oblivious to the disturbance they are causing. Not only are they being what I consider rude, the rest of us are privy to the happenings of their private lives. Their daughter was recently injured in a car wreck. Their grandson doesn’t like wearing thick socks.

We don’t need to know these things. So keep this in mind —  if you’re in a public places, everyone is listening. It’s no wonder people are being hacked, harassed and otherwise having their privacy invaded.



Stay grounded

A long time ago, I was a resident of Johnson City and I try to keep up with the city by reading the Press at the Greenville/Greene County Library. The Press recently asked if local governments should be contributing money to develop an aerospace park at the Tri-Cities Airport. My answer is undoubtedly negative, folks.

Instead of reaching for the stars let’s remain grounded on Mother Earth. That is to say let’s focus on today’s problems and solutions.

Spending that kind of money should be reserved for the experts, namely Warren Buffet, D.J. Trump and Sir Paul McCartney.



Important symbols

What does American and its flag stand for today? A few years ago they stood for justice, freedom and equal rights. The Constitution represented the same.

Today, these symbols have no meaning. America’s government is our own worst enemy. For a long time now government laws have helped the rich and hurt the poor. To our government officials, this just a game they must win even if they destroy America. They won’t stop until they take it all.

Doubling wages would help, especially since the cost of living has tripled. Now our government leaders want to cut our Social Security and Medicare.


Johnson City




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