Letters: It's time to rebuild Jonesborough Elementary School

Contributed To The Press • Nov 3, 2017 at 12:00 AM

I think the county should absolutely rebuild Jonesborough Elementary School. My children and grandchildren have attended Jonesborough Elementary, so I have had progressive exposure to the gradual decay of the school.

For the last several years, anytime I go into the school and it is raining there are trash cans sitting around everywhere catching water from the leaky roof. I went in there a couple of weeks ago for parent/teacher visitation. When I walked into the lobby the odor was unbelievable. It smelled musty and I had to cover my nose.

I am now concerned that there may be black mold in the walls due to years of neglect and leaky roofs.

Please rebuild (the school) so that our children can have a clean, safe and healthy learning environment.



Snide headlines

Did you ever sit at a table in a restaurant with a bunch of women? Probably not.

Let me tell you what happens with a certain type gathering. In walks the new beauty contest winner of the city. That’s when the snide, negative and nit-picking remarks begin.

“I heard she’s had surgery.”

“Where did she find that dress? A thrift shop?”

“Joe said the judge was bought off.”

It goes on ad nauseum. What a charming group.

Speaking of nausea, that’s how I feel when I read your snide, negative and nit-picking headlines about the president.

Who are the losers? A table full of catty and jealous biddies or the girl who just walked in?



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