Letters: We don't need the noise at ETSU

Contributed To The Press • Updated Oct 12, 2017 at 1:49 PM

Officials at East Tennessee State University wanted the return of football and they got it. That’s fine. I’m glad for them.

They can now have a more engaging Homecoming because they have a football game at Homecoming. Great, I’m happy for them.

But this incessant use of fireworks is horrible. I was watching ABC News’ tribute to the 58 dead in Las Vegas on Friday and I had to turn up the volume due to the bang, bang, boom of explosives in the neighborhood. I know there are now silent fireworks available, but maybe our good University would not want those because they lack the cheap thrills of the boom, boom, boom. I don’t know.

There is no consideration for ETSU’s neighbors in the university’s fireworks displays, nor is there consideration for the dogs and all the animals who are traumatized by them. There is no consideration for the many veterans just up on the hill at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center at Mountain Home (where the university gets its medical school funding from the government). That population includes many people with PTSD from all the good wars we generate. And veterans live all over the Tree Streets, as well as others who suffer PTSD.

To me fireworks are childish in so many ways. I do think the visuals are beautiful, but they are — to me — diminished by the thunderous sounds.

Sure, I’m just an old killjoy, but I do try to always show consideration for my neighbors. I would encourage ETSU to strongly consider moving to the silent fireworks that are now available.


Johnson City

Disrespecting the flag

As a retired veteran, I am outraged at the conduct of both the players and owners of the National Football League, who show open disrespect and contempt for American flag and national anthem. Countless veterans have shed their blood for that flag and what it stands for.

 I encourage all veterans, their families and all other Americans who love their country to boycott NFL games (both live and by broadcast). The team owners and players are making millions. The only way they will pay attention to us is to lose those millions.



A very bad deal

Johnson City paying a ridiculous price of $500,000 dollars for a building (the current home of the Hands On! Museum) that may be worth half that is not in the best interest of the taxpayers’ dollars.

Our city officials have gone nuts over the downtown area, which only benefits a very small percentage of the local people and most of those who do benefit from the downtown area are not property taxpayers at all.


Johnson City

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