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Wednesday, June 25, 1930, was a special day for Johnson City brought about by a special visitor

Bob Cox • Oct 28, 2018 at 12:00 PM

The evening of June 25, 1930, was a special time for Johnson Citians that included dancing, the arrival of Miss America, selection of Miss Johnson City, a dance, display of charming dresses on excited models, Norris' sweets that please and a fashion Style Review sponsored by Masengill.

Elizabeth Arden's

Recommended Morning Treatment

Never go out into the dust, glare and wind of the out-of-doors without first protecting the delicate tissues of your skin. In the morning, after cleaning, toning and nourishing your skin with Venetian Cleaning Cream, Ardema Skin Tonic and Venetian Orange Skin Food, Elizabeth Arden recommends that you complete your daytime treatment with one of the following preparations:

1. Venetian Armorette Cream. A delightful protective cream. Smooth it on the face and neck under power. It gives the skin a becoming finish, prevents roughness and sunburn. Cost: $1, $2.

2. Venetion Lille Lotion. Exquisite finishing lotion, corrects a moist oily shine. Leaves a flattering bloom on the skin. Prevents sunburn and freckles. Cost: $1.50, $2.50.

3. Venetion Waterproof Cream. Gives the skin a superb finish that is waterproof. Excellent for sports. Prevents roughness, sunburn, and freckles. It is also a beautiful foundation for evening make-up. Cost $3.

Elizabeth Arden's Venetian toilet preparations are on sale at Waggoner Drug Company.

"Miss America"

Bathing Beauties will model bathing suits from the J.C. Penney Co. (240-242) at the Beauty Pageant on Wednesday evening. Bathing Ensembles cost $9.90.

Sun sparkling over the beaches, waves called playfully, splash! There you go in a two-piece suit of fine zephyr, finely ribbed. And after your dip, out you come to don a dashing little sleeveless ribbed beach coat to match belted and very dashing, colors that vie with sunshine for gaiety: jade, orchid, tan or canary combinations.


"Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen"

Graham McNamee speaking: We have taken Coca-Cola right off the ice and are putting it on the air. Listen to the new 31-piece, all-string Coca-Cola Dance Orchestra. Grantland Rice is interviewing top notchers in the sports world. Different delightful, entertainment to "The Pause That Refreshes."

Anytime, any day — whenever you are thirsty or long for a refreshing pause, you can tune in on Coca-Cola itself broadcasting a program of delicious refreshment from ever ice-cold bottle operating on a frequency of nine million drinks a day.

Always ready for you around the corner anywhere and certain of perfect reception when you keep it on ice at home. Coca-Cola Bottling Works. Johnson City, Tennessee, 226-28 E. Market Street, Phone 302.

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