Carter County Budget Committee will recommend Highway Department fund transfers

John Thompson • Jan 13, 2020 at 11:46 PM

ELIZABETHTON — While nearly all the roads in Carter County are paved, even in some of the most remote sections of the mountains, the Carter County Highway Department does not have a great need for crushed stone.

But crushed stone was used a lot last year, especially with the heavy spring rains and a few snows during the winter. In fact, Carter County Highway Superintendent Roger Colbaugh requested the Budget Committee of the Carter County Commission to approve his request to transfer $100,000 in cash from the hot asphalt funds and use it to buy additional crushed stone.

Colbaugh also asked the committee to transfer another $20,000 in cash from the hot asphalt fund and add it with $18,771.59 in cash from the light equipment parts fund in order in order to purchase more equipment and mechanical parts. The final fund line-item transfer was $79,977.50 from motor vehicle purchases to highway equipment. The total value of all the transfers was $218,749.09.

One of the few places in the county where there are several miles of unpaved roads is the Carter County Landfill, and it is seeking a $1,700 increase in its budget for crushed stone. The landfill makes most of its money from tipping fees and on a monthly basis, the transfer station’s collections are $100,000.

The Budget Committee will recommend a new car for the Carter County coroner. The committee voted unanimously to purchase the same type Dodge Durango used by the deputy sheriffs of the county. It will be striped with the coroner emblem and will have lights and radio packages. With all the extras, the car will come in at around $30,000.

The committee will make the recommendation to the Carter County Commission next week. It will replace a vehicle that was an excess car from the sheriff’s department that Sheriff Dexter Lunceford said was worn out when it was given to the coroner. The committee was told that the pavement could be seen from where the floor used to be on sections of the interior.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this erroneously stated that a few years ago the Carter County Sheriff’s Department had donated an old car to a Carter County constable. The old car was actually presented to the Carter County coroner.