Stoney Creek Volunteer Fire Department raising funds for fire station in Upper Stoney Creek

John Thompson • Sep 11, 2018 at 9:40 PM

ELIZABETHTON — The Stoney Creek Volunteer Fire Department operates in a very big fire district. Fire Chief Jack Buckles said the district goes “from the crest of Iron Mountain to the crest of Holston Mountain and to the top of Cross Mountain.”

That means that even though the department has two fire stations, one at the base of Peters Hollow and one at the lower end of Blue Springs, there are still homes more than five miles away from a station. The majority of those homes are on the upper end of Stoney Creek. If a phone call is made to report a fire, it still will take a fire truck several minutes to arrive.

That also means a lot more money paid by those upper Stoney Creek homeowners for home insurance. The insurance industry rates fire protection on a basis of ISO 1 for the best coverage to ISO 10 for no protection. 

Buckles said the Stoney Creek Department is rated an ISO 5, which means every home within five miles of a Stoney Creek fire department will get a rating of ISO 5. Homes outside the five-mile radius are rated ISO 10, a rating of no fire protection.

To provide the people of upper Stoney Creek with more fire protection and to improve home insurance rates, which will go down for most homeowners from $200 to $500, there is now a campaign to build a third fire station, which will be located at the intersection of Tenn. Highway 91 and Taylor Hollow. Buckles said that should have an impact on an additional 200 homes. The fire station will be built on an acre plot that has been donated to the fire department by Billy Cole and his family.

“It is a level place,” Buckles said. In addition to the fire station, Buckles said the land could also be used as a landing strip for Wings Aviation and as a place for a community park.

Buckles said a contractor has been selected to erect a metal building that will have two bays, a living area, kitchen, bathroom and sleeping area. The cost is $35,000. A fire truck and equipment have already been purchase

A fundraiser began just this week to raise the funds. Buckles said the first church to contribute to the cause was New Liberty Free Will Baptist Church. Last week, the church kicked off the campaign with $1,200 in contributions. An anonymous donor contributed another $400. The fund will be used exclusively for the building of the fire station and now stands at $1,600.

Buckles said he hopes other Stoney Creek churches will allow him to make his presentation in upcoming weeks.