How much should we pay substitute teachers?

Johnson City Press • Dec 16, 2018 at 7:01 PM

As Johnson City Press writer Jessica Fuller reported last week, the Washington County schools system is considering increasing pay for substitute teachers.

Noting that the system currently has trouble hiring substitutes and keeping them in regular rotation, the school board members voted to increase the amount paid to subs from $55 if the substitute isn’t a certified teacher and $60 if she is to a flat $70 per day rate.

Originally, some board members wanted to maintain the differential in pay, especially if the certified teacher was retired from the county system, in order to incentivize more professional educators to serve as substitutes. Others, however, voiced concerns about potential conflicts of interest with one board member who is a retired teacher and others who were related to retired teachers.

The flat rate approved by the board will cost the system an estimated $102,600 more annually in the substitute pay budgetary line item, up from about $418,000.

Other districts, including Johnson City’s, already pay substitutes more, which board members fear exacerbate hiring problems.

The taxpayers in Washington County will ultimately contribute to the increase in pay, but the higher quality of substitute educators for the county’s children may be worth it.

That’s why we want to hear from you. How much should we pay substitute teachers?

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