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Do you know where to place a campaign sign?

• Jan 13, 2018 at 12:00 AM

This is an election year, which means campaign signs will soon be popping up in places where they shouldn't be.

Campaign signs certainly have their place in the political process, but it’s important that candidates and their supporters know exactly where such signs can be placed. Otherwise, these campaign investments might be carted off to a municipal garage or to the landfill.

Local towns and cities have adopted ordinances to deal with signs of all types. Even so, some misguided candidates and their supporters insist on placing campaign signs in areas where they are not allowed, such as on school property, public right-of-ways and utility poles.

Many of these signs are collected by public works crews. Some signs are removed by residents and business owners who do not want them on their property.

Candidates should also remember:

• Signs are not allowed on public property such as schools.

• Signs are not allowed on or over the public right-of-way. Utility poles and sidewalks mark right-of-way boundaries.

• Any signs between the sidewalk and street curb or between utility poles and street curbs will be removed.

• Signs may not be posted on controlled-access roads, such as Interstate 26 or State of Franklin Road; inside fenced boundary areas of roadways; or at intersections.

• Signs may not be posted on telephone, power or streetlight poles.

• Vehicles or trailers parked on a right-of-way for the primary purpose of displaying political signage are prohibited.

• Signs are not allowed in medians between traffic lanes, such as the University Parkway median.

Here’s another piece of advice for candidates: Collect your signs after the election is over. No one wants to see a weathered political sign blighting the landscape.

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