Letters: Time for Congress to learn compromise

Contributed To The Press • Jan 5, 2018 at 12:00 AM

When we were little my mother would often make changes in whatever my older brother and I were playing so that our sisters and cousins could participate. Later, we learned this was called a compromise.

I struggle to remember the last time Congress actually worked together and it wasn’t one party pushing their particular platform, or one party deciding how everyone was going to play. Going from one extreme to another during the past several years has become exhausting for most of us.

Since it is clear that many in Congress didn’t learn or have forgotten some of the lessons of their childhood, I propose we force them to learn how to play together again. I suggest a constitutional amendment that requires that 10 percent of “yes” votes be represented from the minority party on every vote in both the House and the Senate in order to pass legislation. This would force a degree of compromise and ownership from both parties on all proposed legislation, while (in theory) represent a minimum of 60 percent (a true majority) of all Americans.

While things seem to have calmed down lately, there remains an underlying and significant division tearing our country apart. This is putting our democracy and our way of life at great risk. We can no longer afford to be a country that seems to be 50 percent for or against everything.

It can be anticipated members of the current majority party might resist such a change, but I would ask that they look beyond their current advantage. They should know all too well that their advantage, like all power, is short-lived at best.

Something must be done to unite us and heal our nation.

Our elected officials seem to have forgotten that before they were conservatives or liberals they were all Americans.



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