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What was behind the big “ESSO” signs that once looked down from above?

Bob Cox, Heritage Columnist • Aug 6, 2018 at 9:05 AM

The attached photo with this article comes from May 1948. It speaks very favorable about ESS0 and the people who worked there:

“Thousand of motorists know the red-white-and blue ESSO oval as ‘The sign of Happy Motoring.” It is their roadside mark of quality in gasoline and motor oil, of fine Atlas tires and batteries and other motoring supplies.

“But perhaps the most outstanding thing behind the Esso sign is not just the great laboratories and refineries of Esso Standard Oil.

“Instead, the greatest and most unusual thing behind that familiar sign is without question the people who work at Esso Standard Oil and the kind of jobs they have.

“Workers who have not had an important strike or labor disturbance in over 30 years... Workers who today average over 14 years apiece of service with the company... Workers with regular, paid vacations each year...

“Workers with good wage scales and steady work. Workers with retirement income assured for life. Workers with opportunities for advancement. with company training to help them get it.

“These and other unusual employee benefits result from Esso Standard Oil policy that was set up many years ago. It is a policy that believes good jobs draw and hold good workers.

“And its a policy that gets worthwhile results for all concerned - including right now the greatest production and delivery of petroleum products in our history.

“The better you live, the more oil you need, and today we and all the oil industry are straining every facility to meet your record needs for gasoline and oil in cars and homes, planes and trains, factories and ships and on the farm.”

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