Thanks for your service: Vote for your veteran or service member in Press online photo contest

Mackenzie Moore • May 22, 2018 at 4:16 PM

The Johnson City Press is honoring local veterans and active service members with an online photo contest.

Celebrate Military Appreciation Month by submitting a picture to the Thank You for Your Service contest on the Johnson City Press contest website.

Internet users submit in pictures that capture military experiences such as members graduating boot camp, leaving for active duty or returning home. Anyone can submit an entry and vote.

The Johnson City Press Contest and Promotion Manager David Hyde disclosed how this competition hits close to home at the Press.

“We have the VA right here in Johnson City,” said Hyde. “Also, there is a unit in Mountain City— the 776th Ordnance Company— that will be on active duty next year. We have people at the Press with close ties to military veterans, too. That’s how we got the idea to incorporate it into this contest.”

After submitting a photo entry to the website, users can share submissions across multiple social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to expand their own audience and increase votes. 

This is the Johnson City Press’s second year using the evolving communication platform to capture their audience with a contest.

A familiar business competition, Readers’ Choice, is decades old, but the recent emergence of social media drives the Press to accommodate to an ever-changing platform.

“It drives engagement, and anyone can submit a picture and vote,” said Hyde. “Our contests have high engagement rates, and I think this helps raise awareness for our veterans and active service members.”

Hyde wishes for the Johnson City Press to remain active with veterans and service members.

“This contest is important for both us and our audience,” Hyde said. “It supports veterans and nonprofit organizations and brings more awareness to the military.”

Users with the top five submissions will win prize packages, and the top winner will land a three-day vacation.

Photos can be submitted online through May 30, and voting lasts until June 10. Entries and votes should not be mailed or delivered to the Johnson City Press office.

Submit entries at contests.johnsoncitypress.com

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