Five Questions: Johnson City resident Caleb Lee

Mackenzie Moore • Jul 24, 2018 at 11:25 PM

Today we begin a new occasional feature in the Johnson City Press. We’re asking people — business owners, government officials, educators and others we meet — to answer five questions. To kick things off, Staff Writer Mackenzie Moore encountered Caleb Lee on West Main Street and posed five questions.

What’s your job?

“I work at Southern Craft Barbecue as a dish washer. I’m not in school right now, but I need to check out things for physical therapy, maybe. That’d be cool.”

Where are you heading to right now?

“I’m just on my way, about to head to the boxing gym right over there.”

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“It’d probably be a vegetable like romaine. I mean, I’d like some fruit, too, but if I could only eat one thing, it’d be a vegetable because that’s going to be good for my body. It’d be hard to survive just eating one thing. I’d have to do some research on the best food to eat so I could get all my nutrients.”

Name a short-term goal of yours.

“I’m just trying to be in the best physical shape of my life. I really have a lot of short-term goals, but that’s definitely one. You know, work out every day and continue to progress in life.”

What do your interests and hobbies include?

“I love talking to people, read, play basketball — almost anything that’s fun and makes me feel like I’m a part of something. Beats just waking up. I like to read a little bit of everything, but I especially like nonfiction. I like reading about Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. I can always learn something new. Knowledge is power.”

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