Baseball never too taxing for Presnell

Douglas Fritz • Updated Jul 17, 2018 at 8:03 PM

Tax season can be an overwhelming place for certified public accountants. Add in a family of five and the task gets more daunting. Now add a dash of baseball season, and you have . . .

The life of Sarah Presnell

Sarah and her husband, Elizabethton head baseball coach Ryan Presnell, tackle each spring week as it comes.

“We sit down on Sunday night and say, ‘Where are the kids going, and what are we doing this day?’ ” said Ryan, who has been married to Sarah for 14 years. “We have wonderful grandparents and sisters who help us make it, but it takes thought, planning and coordination. I was in the Army for 12 years, and sometimes it looks like Patton invading Northern Africa. Where is everybody going? It’s the brunt of baseball season, but it’s also tax season.

“She gets up each day and makes sure it will work. She is Mom of the Century in my book.”

Sarah said family help is the key.

“It takes a village, and I couldn’t do it without help from the family,” she said. “We all take it one day and one game at a time.”

The fun stuff

Sarah said she enjoys the games.

“We all feel like we’re part of the process, seeing the kids love it almost as much as their dad does,” said Sarah, who is a manager in the tax department at Blackburn, Childers & Steagall. “When we are at the games, we feel like we are with Ryan even though we aren’t right beside him.”

Sarah is not just a coach’s wife, she’s also a fan.

“To have her at the games, and she’s wrestling with the kids, is reassuring for me,” said Ryan. “My job and my family go hand in hand.”

Learning more about baseball has helped Sarah enjoy the moments.

“I don’t know much about baseball, but I try to learn as much as I can about the game and the players,” she said. “It helps me to become engaged each game. I look forward to being there as much as the kids.

“This postseason was a special one for us all, and I’m so thankful the kids and I got to experience that. We were able to because we were there for every step of the process.”

The couple’s kids are Ryan Jr. (6 years old), Caroline (4) and Cole (1).

The focus

Ryan said he wants to live a life for the kids that serves as an example of what God can do in your life.

“And my wife provides a great example of what a loving mother and a supportive wife should be,” said Ryan. “Win, lose or draw, she has always been there. And the biggest thing is she makes sure the kids are taken care of during baseball season, when I’m not with them as much as I would like.”

Military background

Ryan said his military days helped him establish his career needs with his wife.

“She always understood early in our marriage that whatever is going on with my job, I’m not picking my job over her,” said Ryan. “It was just my job. And when I got into head coaching, we had a talk and I assured her if there was a practice or an event that infringed on our time, I wasn’t picking baseball over her. We both believe this is where God wants me, making a difference in kids’ lives. She’s behind me 100 percent. And I’m behind her work at Blackburn, Childers & Steagall.”

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