Seehorn sees unprecedented potential for Class of 2018

Douglas Fritz • Apr 1, 2018 at 8:22 PM

This is the third segment of our spring sports Scholar Athlete Spotlight, a chance for some of today’s brightest high school athletes to answer several random questions. Some of the questions will be challenging, some will be light-hearted, and some will be serious.

The Hunter Seehorn File

Senior at University High School

Baseball, catcher

• GPA: 3.8

• ACT: 34

• Favorite movie: A Few Good Men

• People I Admire: My Parents

• College choice: ETSU

Interesting Facts

• Beta Club, 2018

• People to People Ambassadors

• Will graduate with 22 completed college credits

The Four Questions

1. A job opportunity arises for you in one of the Top 10 most dangerous places in the world. You would be there six months, and then would be on a fast-track career for a high six-figure salary. Your other option is taking a job that tops out at $50,000 in a small town on the East Coast. Which path do you choose?

“I would choose to work on the East Coast,” said Seehorn. “I think the risk would outweigh the reward, and I would rather be able to make an average wage safely than to make good money but feel threatened and unsafe. Also, I would be closer to family and friends if I were to stay on the East Coast, which would also factor into my decision.”

2. As part of an experimental government program, you can time travel to any date and place in the past 30 years. You get 10 minutes for your visit. Where do you go?

“I would travel back to 1990, before my great-grandad died. He was Washington County Sheriff until 1976, and I would love to get a chance to listen to some of his stories, even if just for 10 minutes.”

3. You are given an opportunity to make a movie about your life by a wealthy relative. What actors/actresses would you hire to play your mom, dad, siblings, relatives or friends?

“My mom would be played by Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts because their personalities are similar. Adam Sandler would play my dad because that would be pretty funny. I don’t know about my brother. Maybe a young Macaulay Culkin or Sean Astin because he’s pretty energetic like both of them were as kids.”

4. How much potential do you see in the Class of 2018 in terms of changing the world in a better way?

“Even though it can be often looked down upon, especially in our generation, I think technology has given us a sense of limitless power, meaning what’s achievable by our generation and the class of 2018 specifically is truly unprecedented. For this reason, I think the potential for world-changing ideas and actions from our class is great.”

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